Saturday, December 06, 2008

Hello my lovelies,

Sorry I am seem to be getting just a little filmstarish at the moment. You know when you are pickup by limos and flown here and there in private jets you get like that don't you?

This is just a quick note because I am in a dash to make-up - if you ever did, to tell you that my MySpace friend list has just topped 5,250. See for yourself here!

Do you like knowing someone famous? Do you? Do you?


The Cat.
Wow! Hello my wonderful fans how are you?

It is crazy at the moment - but then it was me and not an assistant who signed up to be a superstar wasn't it.

My agent the great Mr. T. A. Leibowitz, ‘call me Todd' has just sent me a picture of my book advertised on the street in New York - are you impressed? I know I am, look at my bone structure, poise, elegance and stance, I am, I have to admit one extremely good-looking animal.

Then you have to add the facts that I am extraordinarily intelligent, absurdly rich and incredibly famous and you get someone who is a true star and so very special.

I have decided to help little Nicole Kidman regain her fame, she came to me in floods of tears earlier today, poor lamb, apparently the Los Angeles Times which as we all know is one of the biggest mouthpieces of Hollywood, reported that she, bless her little cotton socks, was no longer a star! Don't you just love her and of course pity her!


The Cat

I'm Here!

Hi all,

I am having a wonderful morning, I am in Prague at a film studio at the moment getting ready to be interviewed by some Pavel - Pavels are what I call all Czech people and Pavlina if the Pavel is not a man, that seems to work well and the Pavels and the Pavlinas seem to think it is funny.

Well between you and I, I think they think it is funny they are talking in an un human and un cat way.

Strange this language business - I was in german yesterday and it is only a couple of stones throws away and yet they talk differently to you and I and to me when i am speaking Cat and indeed differently to the Pavels here.

Humans I have decided are really rather odd!


The Cat