Sunday, December 30, 2007

To advertise or not to advertise? That is the question!

I need to confide in someone, in fact anyone will do which is good because you seem to fit the bill and apparently I have your attention, which is also very good because I now know that I have about 35 seconds to ask you something really important, something I have been agonising over for the length of my own attention span 40 seconds, yes I know that is longer than yours but then I am really very intelligent.

It is fair to say that I have been unfairly tempted by Google and their pay per click advertising programme 'ad sense' - the thought of revenue (hard cash in our language) for just sitting back and letting Google fleece innocent surfers is very exciting, as is the thought of what I could do with all that folding stuff.

So what should I do, make an alliance with Google? Sign in red pen? (Blood being totally out of the question!) Then leap into the Pentangle? Well ok if you insist and think that I really should have loads of dosh (dollars), it's very kind of you to care.

Still even after your advice, I think I will dip just a pad in the water and see if it works and then I can keep my integrity, because I would hate to think that you think less of me for showing advertising on my blog space page thingy, it is so easy for celebrities (like me) these days to seem tacky and only interested in their own good while espousing causes that feed the starving and proverish the improverished, if indeed 'poverishing' is doing the opposite of improverishing, goodness I would hate to appear like say Bono.

But you know me better than that I have high standards, after all I did ask your opinion first didn't I?

Purrs x2

The Cat

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Something for Nothing from a Green Cat

Now everyone wants to save the planet, goodness me we hear enough pop stars and politicians and other 'trustworthy' individuals saying they do, so here is an idea from a Cat. Yep! Just a Cat and to be 'frank,' although of course that isn't my name, I am surprised that none of you clever green humans, or indeed ordinary humans have thought of this before!

All over the world proud governments of very rich and very poor countries, and of course those in between like Belgium, floodlight their wonderful buildings, you know the sort of building I am talking about, buildings like the Pyramids, Parliaments and loads of religious buildings shine out at night glowing in megawatts of artificial daylight and there isn't a lot wrong with that, no not a lot wrong if you don't think about all of the electricity that is being consumed just to light a building that probably looks just as good in daylight.

Now I am not suggesting that buildings shouldn't be floodlit, tourism and civic pride would be so dented that entire countries might just collapse, and it would be a shame if Belgium disappeared, or would entire countries collapse just because a few old buildings weren't illuminated at night? I doubt it!

What I am proposing, and remember I am merely a Cat, is that all buildings that are usually floodlit every night should only be floodlit on say twenty days a month, and the savings on electricity then be used to fund measures to generate electricity, like say for instance solar panels which could produce the power required to floodlight the buildings for some of the other days in the month and so increase the savings and impact on the environment.

There are really so many things that could be done with the sack loads of cash saved by merely turning off a switch once in a while that anything would be possible what a shame that no human has had the idea before, come on Bob Geldof or Bono, get your finger out and join my campaign to do something simple, which doesn't require you to pop up on international television and swear a lot, or indeed enhance your flagging careers, just join my campaign and we can do something so very simple to help the planet along.

What you have to also remember is that you humans reading this blog can also join in and do your bit, just use your finger and flick a switch or two now especially at night har ha, and soon you will be surprised just how much money you have saved, and if at some point you have too much and don't know what to do with it, just remember who gave you the idea in the first place and send me the spare change, well spare notes you keep the change, of course Cats usually are not that interested in money but as you might guess there is nothing usual about this Cat.

Lots of Purrs,
The Cat

The Cat's Diary - a new masterpiece!

This has to be very short today because I am stuck in a page which is in Czech - good old Google want to know so much about what you do on the web that if you delete their cookies they serve up Czech ones!

Opps sorry forgot to mention that in order to create this particular annoying piece of web magic you have to be in the Czech republic, I am at the moment and I don't speak Czech, just Cat and a smattering of Human.

I suppose if I was in France Google would mug me with French so I guess I should just shut up and count my blessings.

I will be back in a minute.


The Cat